Axie Fund


The play-to-earn gaming fund

AXF grows your crypto assets through NFT game investments.  


initial private round: 37.21 ETH raised
now open to public



Community FIRST 

We partner up with top gamers, hand-picked and trained from our community of more than 50k members Axie Scholar World.

Leverage our community and earn up to 80% monthly ROI* with the largest Play-to-Earn NFT game in the world.

With AXF, investors get the bigger part of the cake

A secret recipe to grow 

Having a simple system to scale is the most important thing to strive as a fund. It involve hiring the right people to train and manage our scholars, selecting and breeding the right Axies, and also creating tools to better serve our scholars and investors. 

the world

We are helping scholars earn an income online while playing Play-to-Earn games – supporting them and their families in their daily life.  To investors, we offer a unique opportunity with high yields. Play-to-earn game scholarships is changing the status quo. 



Axie Infinity


Play-to-Earn, NFT, Online Game, Single Player, PvP

Release Date

January 2018


Sky Mavis


PC, Android, soon iOS

Here, I will write a paragraph or two on this great play-to-earn game that is Axie Infinity. I will give some details about the game and explain why it’s one of the best investment opportunity I have seen recently.